Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adalyn- ONE Year Old

I can't believe you are already one year old. This past year has flown by very quickly. Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You love to dance and sway to music no matter where we are: the car, living room, and random stores.
- You point to everything these days and "talk" about what you are referring to.
- Your personality is really blossoming and you can be so silly. You even make yourself laugh all the time.
- You blow kisses.
- You are really talking a lot, but the only word that is audible is "da-da."
- You communicate with Ella in your own special way.
- You are a sympathy crier, so whenever you hear or see another baby (or Ella) cry you cry right along with them.
- You are "thin-skinned" and get your feelings hurt very easily. You cry when we say "no" to you.
- You can stand up on your own. You start in a squat-like position and then raise your legs up. Then you start to squeal in delight.
- You have taken one step on your own, so I'm sure you are very close to walking.
- You are a very good eater. You will eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.
- We started you on whole milk and you don't like it. I only give you one bottle of formula at bedtime. Throughout the day you drink from a sippy cup. Normally all you will drink is watered down juice.

12 Month Stats:
Head Circumference: 18.25 inches (90%)
Length: 30 inches (75%)
Weight: 20 pounds 14 ounces (50%)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adalyn- 11 Months

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You can now blow kisses when saying good-bye.
- You are trying to walk, but you still have to hold on to something to get from place to place.
- You can stand up on your own for a few seconds!
- You can SCREAM! And it's loud. And it's a loooooong scream.
- You are a bit scared of Dingo. If he barks or sneezes, you immediately go into a panic cry.
- You are very curious, but in a different way. Ella would go all out with something new by grabbing at it, talking to it, etc. You are more cautious. You will observe and look at the new object, but are more apprehensive to touch it (or talk to it).
- You want to follow Ella around everywhere and you try to mimic what she's doing.
- You are fascinated with you shoes.
- You say dada, Ella, but not mama. And you try to say Dingo.
- Your personality is really blossoming. You are a sweetie and happy most of the time.
- You are eating normal table food these days. You don't want anything to do with baby food. You've done great trying all types of new foods.
- You've started the sippy cup and are doing wonderful. I don't think it will be difficult to transition you off the bottle.
- You take 2 naps, but sometimes only 1 nap.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adalyn- 10 Months

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You started clapping and are very proud of your accomplishment.
- You have such a wide, big grin. You don't stick out your tongue when you smile (as much) so we are able to see your sweet smile.
- Most of the time when you smile, you scrunch your nose up too.
- You are a FAST crawler.
- You are pulling up on everything and doing so well standing up while holding on the something. You have taken a couple steps from side to side while holding on to the couch or table.
- You started waving and it is so cute.
- You love being outdoors.
- You absolutely LOVE, LOVE your big sister.
- You are beginning to eat some table food. At school, they are giving you the school's lunch, so you are trying all sorts of new foods.
- You are very aware of your surroundings and are curious about what is around you.
- You definitely have separation anxiety around new people...even if I'm standing right next to the person who is holding you.
- You don't have any problems with me leaving you at daycare though. You are familiar with those ladies so you are fine being dropped off there.
- LOVES mommy...more than any other person.
- You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes.
- You still take two naps.
- You still drink around 6-7 ounces per feeding.
- Your bedtime is 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adalyn- 9 Months

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You had minor surgery to insert tubes into your ear drums. You did magnificent and came back smiling and saying, "da-da." Since then, you have felt much better and had one ear infection. Your ear drained nicely with no pain. Mommy loves these tubes!
- You started crawling and pulling up on things.
- Now that you are crawling, you are getting into all sorts of things. Mostly, you just want to get into Ella's toys.
- You LOVE your sister. You want to follow her and play with her all the time.
- You really enjoy bath time too.
- You are still doing great eating baby food and you have also started eating puffs.
- You have such a sweet personality and you love your momma. You are a little nervous around new people and shy away from them. In new surroundings you only want mommy and daddy.
- You cut FOUR teeth this month. They were four across the top.
- You wear 9-12 month clothing.
- You take one morning nap and one afternoon nap.
- You take 6-7 ounces per feeding.
- Your bedtime is 7:00.

9 Month Stats
Length- 28.25 inches (75%)
Weight- 19.2 pounds (50%)
Head Circumference- 17.5 inches (60%)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adalyn- 8 Months

Here is what you've been up to the past month.

- Anytime someone smiles at you, you will smile right back at them.
- You make the cutest face when you smile really big by scrunching up your nose and smiling really big and wide to show off your two bottom teeth.
- You are playing very well with Ella. The two of you will play with toys nicely.
- Now that you are sitting up on your own, the two of you take baths together, which you both enjoy.
- You are close to crawling and will get on all fours.
- You recognize Dingo. Sometimes you just stare at him and other times you smile at him. You are not into touching him...you just look.
- You are VERY good in public.
- Your teachers at school remark at how much of an easy baby you are.
- You still like your bouncy seat, but are getting close to not using it since you're almost completely mobile.
- You have a strong grip!
- You chew on everything...even on other people's fingers (if they let you).
- You enjoy observing your little hands. You find them fascinating!
- You respond when someone says your name.
- You get mad when a toy (or anything) is taken from you.
- You mimic facial expressions and sounds we make.
- You make a clicking sound with your tongue and you think it's so funny.
- You dislike having your diaper changed or putting clothes on or off. You used to LOVE the changing table.
- You discovered your shadow and are very interested with it.
- Your favorite toys are: stacking rings, empty water bottles, your plastic puzzle, toys that make music or noise, and your sister's toys.
- People always remark about your long, dark hair.
- This has been the month of ear infections. You have had them nonstop and have been on 5 different antibiotics. The medicines don't seem to be helping, so we went to a pediatric ENT. We have surgery scheduled to have tubes put in your ears on March 11th.
- Even in the midst of all this sickness, you are so content. We know you are in pain, but you are handling it so well. You are just one happy baby!
- Since we went to so many doctor appointments we know your weight now...18.6 pounds, which is the same as Ella at this age.
- You are wearing 9-12 month size clothes.
- You take 2 (sometimes 3 ) naps each day.
- You eat about 6-7 ounces per feeding.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adalyn- 7 Months

Here are some highlights from this past month:

- You are beginning to talk and say "da-da."
- You have a loud scream/yell that you do and it makes your face turn red. Then you smile and laugh when you are done with the scream/yell.
- You are very ticklish and have the cutest laugh.
- You cut another tooth, so you now have your two bottom teeth.
- You also got your first ear infection at the beginning of the month and then another one at the end of the month, but that time it was in BOTH ears.
- You were also diagnosed with croup and had to get a steroid shot.
- When you were sick you didn't want to eat solids and would only take your bottles.
- You are a mover. It seems you are VERY close to crawling because you can scoot and roll to where you want to go.
- You are reaching and grabbing at EVERYTHING!
- You rarely let us hold you on our lap because you are constantly squirmy and trying to grab at anything and everything.
- We started you on the generic Walmart brand of formula and you are adjusting wonderfully. It has saved us a lot of $$$.
- At the end of the month you were able to sit up all by yourself! This has been a GREAT milestone because now Ella can play with you more. The two of you have been playing together nicely. Sometimes you play with your sister's toys, but mostly she "helps" you play  with your own toys.
- You are still taking three naps most of the time. Your bedtime is around 6:45. You were not sleeping through the night this month, except for one night. It was mainly due to all your sickness and cutting your second tooth. Hoping to break you from this habit next month...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adalyn- 6 Months

Here is what you have been up to this past month:

- You are SOOOO smiley! It is very easy to make you smile and laugh.
- Every time you smile you show your tongue. It is quite comical.
- You have really been intrigued with Dingo this month. You aren't too sure what to think of him. If he sneezes, barks, or moves too quickly, you will cry. It is obvious that you are scared of him at that moment and want some comfort.
- You seem to be more sensitive and gravitate to mommy in new surroundings. It seems you might be more of a "mama's girl." At this age Ella was more of a "daddy's girl."
- You love toys and are trying to get to your sister's toys. Sometimes she lets you play with them and other times she does NOT want you touching her stuff. Oh boy!
- At the end of the month you starting cutting your first tooth. We can see part of it peeking through. This has caused you some pain. We weren't expecting your first tooth so soon since your sister didn't get her first tooth until 8 months old.
- You began eating solids this month. We started with fruits and then moved to the veggies. You like pretty much all of it except the green veggies.
- You sometimes sleep through the night, but the following things have interrupted it this month: moving into an awkward position (like getting a limb stuck in the railings or your head hitting the railing), cough/cold, teething.
- You are still doing very good at daycare and the teachers are always raving about your happy personality and your "crazy tongue smile."
- You take three naps per day and take about 5 bottles a day.

6 Month Stats:
Length- 27 1/2 inches (97%)
Weight- 16.13 pounds (75%)
Head Circumference- 17 1/4 inches (80%)