Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adalyn- 7 Months

Here are some highlights from this past month:

- You are beginning to talk and say "da-da."
- You have a loud scream/yell that you do and it makes your face turn red. Then you smile and laugh when you are done with the scream/yell.
- You are very ticklish and have the cutest laugh.
- You cut another tooth, so you now have your two bottom teeth.
- You also got your first ear infection at the beginning of the month and then another one at the end of the month, but that time it was in BOTH ears.
- You were also diagnosed with croup and had to get a steroid shot.
- When you were sick you didn't want to eat solids and would only take your bottles.
- You are a mover. It seems you are VERY close to crawling because you can scoot and roll to where you want to go.
- You are reaching and grabbing at EVERYTHING!
- You rarely let us hold you on our lap because you are constantly squirmy and trying to grab at anything and everything.
- We started you on the generic Walmart brand of formula and you are adjusting wonderfully. It has saved us a lot of $$$.
- At the end of the month you were able to sit up all by yourself! This has been a GREAT milestone because now Ella can play with you more. The two of you have been playing together nicely. Sometimes you play with your sister's toys, but mostly she "helps" you play  with your own toys.
- You are still taking three naps most of the time. Your bedtime is around 6:45. You were not sleeping through the night this month, except for one night. It was mainly due to all your sickness and cutting your second tooth. Hoping to break you from this habit next month...

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