Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adalyn- 8 Months

Here is what you've been up to the past month.

- Anytime someone smiles at you, you will smile right back at them.
- You make the cutest face when you smile really big by scrunching up your nose and smiling really big and wide to show off your two bottom teeth.
- You are playing very well with Ella. The two of you will play with toys nicely.
- Now that you are sitting up on your own, the two of you take baths together, which you both enjoy.
- You are close to crawling and will get on all fours.
- You recognize Dingo. Sometimes you just stare at him and other times you smile at him. You are not into touching just look.
- You are VERY good in public.
- Your teachers at school remark at how much of an easy baby you are.
- You still like your bouncy seat, but are getting close to not using it since you're almost completely mobile.
- You have a strong grip!
- You chew on everything...even on other people's fingers (if they let you).
- You enjoy observing your little hands. You find them fascinating!
- You respond when someone says your name.
- You get mad when a toy (or anything) is taken from you.
- You mimic facial expressions and sounds we make.
- You make a clicking sound with your tongue and you think it's so funny.
- You dislike having your diaper changed or putting clothes on or off. You used to LOVE the changing table.
- You discovered your shadow and are very interested with it.
- Your favorite toys are: stacking rings, empty water bottles, your plastic puzzle, toys that make music or noise, and your sister's toys.
- People always remark about your long, dark hair.
- This has been the month of ear infections. You have had them nonstop and have been on 5 different antibiotics. The medicines don't seem to be helping, so we went to a pediatric ENT. We have surgery scheduled to have tubes put in your ears on March 11th.
- Even in the midst of all this sickness, you are so content. We know you are in pain, but you are handling it so well. You are just one happy baby!
- Since we went to so many doctor appointments we know your weight now...18.6 pounds, which is the same as Ella at this age.
- You are wearing 9-12 month size clothes.
- You take 2 (sometimes 3 ) naps each day.
- You eat about 6-7 ounces per feeding.

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