Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adalyn- 9 Months

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You had minor surgery to insert tubes into your ear drums. You did magnificent and came back smiling and saying, "da-da." Since then, you have felt much better and had one ear infection. Your ear drained nicely with no pain. Mommy loves these tubes!
- You started crawling and pulling up on things.
- Now that you are crawling, you are getting into all sorts of things. Mostly, you just want to get into Ella's toys.
- You LOVE your sister. You want to follow her and play with her all the time.
- You really enjoy bath time too.
- You are still doing great eating baby food and you have also started eating puffs.
- You have such a sweet personality and you love your momma. You are a little nervous around new people and shy away from them. In new surroundings you only want mommy and daddy.
- You cut FOUR teeth this month. They were four across the top.
- You wear 9-12 month clothing.
- You take one morning nap and one afternoon nap.
- You take 6-7 ounces per feeding.
- Your bedtime is 7:00.

9 Month Stats
Length- 28.25 inches (75%)
Weight- 19.2 pounds (50%)
Head Circumference- 17.5 inches (60%)

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