Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adalyn- 11 Months

Here's what you've been up to this past month:

- You can now blow kisses when saying good-bye.
- You are trying to walk, but you still have to hold on to something to get from place to place.
- You can stand up on your own for a few seconds!
- You can SCREAM! And it's loud. And it's a loooooong scream.
- You are a bit scared of Dingo. If he barks or sneezes, you immediately go into a panic cry.
- You are very curious, but in a different way. Ella would go all out with something new by grabbing at it, talking to it, etc. You are more cautious. You will observe and look at the new object, but are more apprehensive to touch it (or talk to it).
- You want to follow Ella around everywhere and you try to mimic what she's doing.
- You are fascinated with you shoes.
- You say dada, Ella, but not mama. And you try to say Dingo.
- Your personality is really blossoming. You are a sweetie and happy most of the time.
- You are eating normal table food these days. You don't want anything to do with baby food. You've done great trying all types of new foods.
- You've started the sippy cup and are doing wonderful. I don't think it will be difficult to transition you off the bottle.
- You take 2 naps, but sometimes only 1 nap.

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