Saturday, October 27, 2012

Adalyn- 4 Months

Here are some highlights from the past month:

- You love sticking out your tongue. It's so funny and people are always commenting about it. Your sister did the same thing, so it must run in the family.
- You are now laughing if we tickle you. And you still smile so much!
- You love Ella. She can make you smile and you are always following her voice. If she is in the room, you are quick to turn your head to watch her.
- You are beginning to get chubbier. You wear 3-6 month clothing now. 
- Not much has changed this month. You are an easy baby and are lots of fun.
- Overall, you are one happy, happy baby.
- You drink about 6 ounces per feeding and have about 5-6 feedings a day.
- You take 3-4 naps per day. Most of them are short naps, except for one really long one.
- You go to sleep around 7:00 and sleep about 8 hours. You wake up for a quick bottle and then go back to sleep.

4 Month stats:
Length- 26 inches (90%)
Weight- 14.12 pounds (50%)
Head Circumference- 16.75 inches (20%)

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