Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adalyn- 3 Months

Here are some highlights from the past month:

- You are aware of your surroundings and love to look around and follow noises and voices.
- You have officially found the TV. Sometimes you can be mesmerized by it.
- Sometimes you will get distracted when taking the bottle.
- You are so smiley!
- You are laughing some.
- So far, you seem to be a pretty laid back baby.
- You definitely aren't a paci baby, which is fine with us. You stopped using it right after turning 2 months old.
- You began daycare this month (3 days before turning 3 months old) and have handled it wonderfully. You quickly adapted to the new change in routine. You eat and sleep pretty well while you are there, but come home EXHAUSTED.
-  You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tummy time. (Ella didn't at all.) Your teachers at school say that it is your favorite thing.
- Your new bedtime is 6:30 and you crash quickly. You will sleep for about 8-10 hours, wake up for a bottle, and then go back to bed again.
- You eat about 6 ounces per feeding.
- We stopped giving you Zantac because we felt like you were past the reflux. We are still keeping you on the thicker formula and hopefully will transition to a generic formula once you are a little older.

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