Saturday, September 1, 2012

Adalyn- 2 Months

Here are the highlights from this past month:

- You rolled from front to back at 5 weeks and then again at 8 weeks. I think it was more of an accident since you aren't consistently doing this yet.
- You sure smile a lot....big smiles!
- You are beginning to "talk" to us by cooing.
- You follow voices by turning your head.
- Your hair is beginning to lay flat, your hair is getting lighter, and your eyes are turning a lighter shade of blue.
- You enjoy watching your big sister. You like when she lies next to you.
- You seem to enjoy social interaction. If no one is around you, you will cry for someone to come near you. Then you will smile really big. You just want people around.
- You stopped your inconsolable crying around 7 weeks...thank goodness!!
- You are doing much better in the car seat.
- You are still taking Zantac twice a day for your reflux.
- The doctor changed your formula again. Now you are drinking Similac "For Spit-Up." We are using the ready to feed version, not powder. It is much smoother, so you don't struggle as much. Plus, it has a little rice cereal added to the formula.
- You drink about 4 ounces per feeding and wake up one time at night. You have a total of 7 feedings per day.

Here are your 7 week stats:
Length- 23 inches (90%)
Weight- 10.3 pounds (70%)
Head Circumference- 15 1/4 inches (70%)

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