Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adalyn - 1 Month

Here are some highlights from your first month:

- Your hair sticks straight up and you sure have lots of it. People are always commenting on how long and dark your hair is.
- By the end of the month you were already smiling at us!
- You have the cutest, little dimple on your cheek.
- Your umbilical cord fell off when you were 10 days old...much sooner than Ella's did.
- Your blood type is A+ just like your dad and sister.
- At the end of the month you were drinking 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 ounces every 3 hours and waking up for 2 feelings during the night. (Total of 8 feelings per day.)
- You prefer to sleep on your tummy and sleep MUCH better and longer that way. I decided to go against what pediatricians and researchers are saying and doing what works best for you. Now days they say to lay babies on their back, but I'm sure by the time you have babies they will change it again!
- When you were 2 weeks old you were diagnosed with reflux. The doctor put you on Zantac and switched your formula to Gerber Goodstart Soothe. It seems to be helping, but not completely.
- You hate the car seat and will scream, so we don't go out much! People have told us that babies with reflux don't do well in the car seat position because it is uncomfortable on your tummy.
- You have colic like symptoms and will cry, cry, cry, cry for awhile in the evenings. We feel it is more than just the usual newborn fussiness. Hoping this will pass soon!

Your 2 week stats were:
Weight - 7.1 pounds (90%)
Length - 21 1/4 inches (70%)
Head Circumfrence - 14 1/4 inches (70%)

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