Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adalyn- 5 Months

Here are the highlights from this past month:

- You are playing with toys! YAY! You are good at grabbing toys. Most of the time you try putting them in your mouth. Your favorite toys are rattles and your star that has different textures on each of it's points.
- You love your musical jumper. The teachers at your school say that is your favorite thing to do there. You will sit and jump for a really long time.
- You are rolling over now. You can roll from back to front and front to back.
- You still enjoy your play mat.
- Since you are playing with toys now, your sister interacts with you even more.
- You smile all the time and have the cutest laugh.
- You sleep through the night about 10 hours. It took about 3 nights of you crying in the middle of the night for us to break the middle of the night feeding. You would cry for about 15 minutes and then fall back asleep.
- You have about 5 feedings a day and drink about 7 ounces per feeding.
- You take about 3 naps each day. At school, they are short naps, but on the weekends you will take longer ones.

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