Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Ladybug is 16 Months Old

Actually sitting still long enough for me to snap a picture.

Walking in the backyard before heading to church. Thanks, Grandma, for my outfit!

Love her ponytail!!

On the usual. She looks like a big girl in this picture.

Daddy and Ella listening to music on the laptop.

This has been one of the healthiest months you have had in a long time. We are hoping your immune system has built itself up and that you will get sick less often!

Because you have been feeling much better, we have weaned you completely off the bottle and you are sleeping through the night! YAY! We were thinking it would take a few days (or a week) to change your routine, but it only took one night. It was an answer to our prayers. Mommy did lots of research and talked to other mommies before deciding on the best step to help you sleep through the night. The following is what we did:

- When you woke up in the middle of the night, we let you cry for 5 minutes. Then mommy went into your bedroom, gave you a kiss, and told you night-night.
- We let you cry for 10 minutes this time and then went into your room and did the same thing by giving you a kiss and telling you night-night.
- Same thing after 15 minutes.
- Then, during your 20 minute interval, you fell asleep until the morning.

We thought we would have to do several nights of this, but we never had to do it again. For the next few nights you would wake up once, cry and whimper, and then put yourself back to sleep. You are sleeping about 11 hours a night and it is WONDERFUL. Mommy has much more energy!

You are doing a great job eating. In fact, sometimes it feels like you are always wanting to eat. We have introduced many new foods and you are beginning to broaden your "favorites." Two of your favorite things right now are blueberry muffins and honey teddy grahams.

You are following commands (and sometimes deliberately NOT following them):
- Come here.
- Bring me your shoes (and other items).
- Go get your milk/juice.
- Give mommy (or daddy) a hug.

Your school has been teaching you sign language. Your two favorite signs are "more" and "please." You do a great job using them!

You FINALLY give us kisses back. It's so cute how you lean and give wet, slobbery kisses.

It has been fun putting your hair up in ponytails...although you yank it out lots of times!!

You went on your very first carousel ride at the mall this month. Once the music started and the horse started moving you got scared and wanted me to hold you. Once you were in my arms you were okay, but I could tell you were nervous because you were holding on tight to me!

Your vocabulary continues to expand. In fact, everyday you are saying new words and phrases. I can't keep up with all your new words. Here are some I can actually remember right now: up, more, ball, okay, stop, okey dokey.

We have noticed you are giving less tamper tantrums these days. It may be related to the fact you can communicate.

You are a joy! People are always commenting on your sweet demeanor and love for life. You are an easy going toddler who will play with ANYONE and let anyone hold you. Your daycare workers say you are very expressive, verbal, and a little "momma" to the other kids in your class. They say you are very protective of the smaller children and that you stand up for yourself (and others). We love that you are already showing signs of being a leader. Our prayer is that you will grow up to be a God-fearing young lady. You already make us proud!

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  1. She is so sweet! I love her little polka-dotted outfit. Isn't it great when they FINALLY sleep?