Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ella-15 months

Ella-belle, you are a bundle of joy! You are at the age now where you make us laugh so much. You can be a little comedian and you get a thrill out of making people smile. This month, we feel like you entered the toddler world. Here are some highlights from this past month:

~ Some of your favorite foods are ground beef (with taco seasoning), guacamole, and bananas.
~ You cut all 4 of your first year molars this month, along with your bottom right lateral incisor. (Yeah I had to look up the name for that one!!)
~ You are completely off the bottle, except for the middle of the night. You use the sippy cup for milk and juice.
~ Because you have been sick pretty much nonstop, you still wake up once a night. After speaking to the pediatrician, we have concluded that you may be waking up in the middle of the night for various reasons: not feeling good; pain; or out of habit. So, we are catering to your needs and putting you right back to sleep.
~ You have done a good job falling asleep on your own and without props! YAY! We can put you in your crib at bedtime or nap and you will fall asleep on your own.
~ You are soooooo silly! You like to mimic people's faces, sounds, and words.
~ You love to dance. At school you are learning different dances like the chicken dance and the macarena. It is so funny watching you dance the moves to these dances.
~ You like shrugging your shoulders for no apparent reason. You will walk around and randomly shrug your shoulders and then wait for us to laugh.
~ We had a White Christmas with a little bit of snow. You enjoyed playing in it. Ever since that event, you beg to go outside. We can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can let you play outside.
~ It was warm one day so we took you to the park and you loved it. You were so interested in walking on the bark, climbing through the tunnels, climbing the stairs, sliding, and watching the big kids. You used to enjoy the swing, but this time you didn't. Now that you are mobile, I guess you are more interested in moving around.
~ A boy at your school bit you. Your teachers said you were a trooper by walking away from the boy. A few days later he tried to bite you again and you ran away before he could get you. Then when he was in his chair eating snack you walked up to him and "blessed him out." Your teachers were shocked to see you talking very sternly to the little boy. Maybe he will leave you alone now...
~ You are a STRONG-WILLED child. You test our patience everyday. You have temper tantrums on a daily basis.
~ Many of your tantrums have to do with wanting to go "bye-bye" and us not leaving immediately. You love to go out anywhere, even if it's to Walgreens down the street. You will stand by the garage door, bang on it, and say bye-bye.
~ You say "m" for milk. You also can say: good girl, this, that, baby, school.
~ You talk ALL THE TIME and say "hi" to random people. You are communicating even better this month by showing us what you want or need. You point to what you want. You also walk to the frig when you want your milk and juice. Also, you walk over to your highchair and say "eat" when you are hungry.

15 Month Doctor STATS
Weight: 23.2 pounds (50th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (75 percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 inches (10th percentile)

Crying because we told her not to touch the Christmas ornaments.
More interested in the box than the actual gift.
Christmas Eve Service
Excited about her new rocker!
Her face cracks me up here!
Walking outside in her new snow suit.
Sitting in the snow...

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