Sunday, March 6, 2011

17 Months

Not much has changed this month...

~You got one more tooth: your bottom left lateral incisor.

~You are very squirmy when we change your diaper. In fact, it's getting pretty annoying and difficult to actually keep you still. We have started giving you a sticker to play with while we change you and that has helped a lot.

~Your vocabulary is growing faster each day. You are constantly surprising us with new words and small phrases.

~You are learning so much at school. You can point to different body parts on command. You loooooove singing although we don't always know what you are singing! :) You will do different hand and body gestures with the songs and they are so cute. Every once in awhile you will break out into "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

~Your favorite book is still Eight Silly Monkeys.

~You have been using a spoon or fork everyday, which makes for messy meals!

~You love going to the park. The weather has been beautiful this month, so we have enjoyed playing outside many afternoons.

Ella, you are a joy to be around and make us smile (and laugh) everyday. There are days we go to bed exhausted because you keep us on the go, but it is worth it.

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