Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backtracking a Month

We are WAY BEHIND in blogging. I blame it on business, sickness, and pure exhaustion. Ella is 13 months old, but I never blogged about when she turned a year old, so here goes...

~ This was the month of two more ear infections, so we were referred to see an ENT specialist.
~ You cut two more teeth...the ones on both sides of your two top teeth.
~ Some new words are no, uh-oh, bye-bye, hi, hey, Dingo (although it is unclear, we know you are referring to him).
~ You YELL when you don't get your way.
~ Putting more things in your mouth, even things on the floor! You finally enjoy eating puffs.
~ We have to keep Dingo out of the kitchen when you eat because you like to feed him.
~ When we pat your back, you sometimes pat our back too :)
~ You still aren't walking on your own, but will cruise while holding on to things.
~ Even though being in daycare is making you have many sicknesses you love your friends there.

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