Tuesday, November 23, 2010

14 Months!!

Here's what Ella has been up to this past month:

~ Cabinet locks have been placed in our master bathroom so you can't get into anything.
~ You had hand, foot, mouth disease AGAIN. This time it was much worse because the sores were on your tongue instead of in your throat. We had to give you Pedialyte to keep you hydrated.
~ Some new words that you can now say: "go" "Nana" "Papa" "night-night" "eat"
~ You are officially walking.
~ We are giving you formula for toddlers for your night bottle, just to make sure you are getting enough nutrients.
~ You are finally eating more!
~ You like sucking on lemons and limes.
~ You love your da-da and get so excited when he comes home from work. You like to hug him and crawl all over him.
~ We elevated your crib because you are very conjested. This has helped you sleep better although you are still waking up once every night.
~ Still only taking a 30-45 minute naps at daycare so you come home EXHAUSTED.
~ On the weekends you catch up on sleeping by taking a 2 hour nap during the day.
~ When you get someone's cell phone you put it up to your ear and say "hi" or "hey." Sometimes you also put other things to your ear that you think are phones and do the same thing :)
~ You like to throw things like balls and food.
~ You LOVE your eyelashes and play with them often, especially when you are tired or falling asleep in your crib.
~ You like to dance when you hear music.