Tuesday, November 23, 2010

13 Months Old (written 3 weeks late)

Mommy did a BAD job this month and didn't write anything down. So, I'm writing this "from memory."

~ Daycare is kicking our butts right now because you are constantly sick.
~ When you are sick, you are still sweet and mostly content. We are really blessed at how well you act even when you aren't feeling well.
~ You are a social butterfly. You LOVE going out in public and can't wait to interact with people (and animals.)
~ You never meet a stranger and will let anyone hold you.
~ You can take around 5 steps on your own. You are apprehensive to try much farther. You would rather hang on to objects while "coasting" along.
~ You are slowly trying more and more finger foods.
~ You LOVE your milk. We have to be careful not to give you too much so you will eat your food.
~ We have noticed that you are getting a little more affectionate by giving hugs and cuddling. Sometimes you want a hug and then you are quickly moving along to the next activity.
~ You love swinging at the park and enjoy crawling on the bridge and other climbing things.
~ We transitioned you to your "big girl" car seat a few days after your birthday. You have done a GREAT job and seem to like facing forward.
~ Nana and Papa bought you a DVD player for the car, so that has entertained you really well :)
~ You love being outside. In fact, if you are fussy or not feeling well, we will walk outside. You will immediately stop crying and focus on your surroundings. In fact, while you were sick, there were many nights you would fall sleep outside while being rocked on the deck chair.
~ You love to explore. If you seem bored, we take you into another room and you love the change of "scenery" and have a blast exploring the new room. So far, it is still easy to entertain you!
~ You love your little wooden rocker. We have to watch you closely because sometimes you would rather stand on it instead of sit and rock.
~ You love your ball pit. Aunt Dee bought you bunches of balls to put inside the pit.

12 Month Stats:
Length- 30 inches (90th percentile)
Weight- 20.11 pounds (60th percentile)
Head Circumference- 17 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

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