Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ella is TWO and a HALF!

Your favorite Movies/TV shows are:
- The Bee Movie- Tinkerbell
- Cars
- Toy Story
- America's Funniest Home Videos
- Little Bear

You love to sing songs! Here are your favorites that you sing over and over:
- Wheels on the Bus
- If You're Happy and You Know It
- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- The Baby Bumblebee Song
- ABC's

You don't know a stranger. Recently your daddy has been coaching middle school baseball and you will climb the bleachers or walk around talking to random people. Your first "opening" line to a conversation is, "Look at my fingernails." You will show people your pink nails and then start talking. If the person has food you will ask to have some. So, you are definitely not shy!!!

Looking back, we remember how picky you were about trying new foods. Now, you love to venture out of the ordinary and try new things. You are becoming more adventurous by trying something at least once before determining if you like it or not.

You love going to church, especially getting a donut before going to your class.

Potty training isn't going that well, but you are trying every day. Most days you just sit on the potty, but every once in awhile you will actually go. We aren't pushing it too much yet, but we will once summer gets here.

You have officially moved into a "big girl" bed and are doing GREAT! You are so happy about your new bed and get excited about sleeping in it (normally).

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