Friday, December 30, 2011

First Trimester with Baby #2

I am trying my best to journal about this pregnancy like I did with Ella. It is much more difficult finding time to jot things down while running after a 2 year old. This pregnancy is definitely flying by quicker than when I was carrying Ella. I am super busy and can't even keep track of what week I'm on. Right now, I am almost 15 weeks along and have passed the first trimester. YIPPEE! Here are some interesting facts about this pregnancy so far (compared to being pregnant with Ella). This may be boring for some of you, but I'm behind in scrapbooking so this is my way of keeping track of everything so far! :)

I was WAY hungry the first 10-12 weeks and was stuffing my face with food every 2 hours. If I didn't eat consistently then I would become cranky (right Vinny and Nadine?!) and would get dizzy and light-headed. I was NOT this hungry with Ella.

Fortunately I have not experienced any morning sickness! With Ella, tums and saltine crackers were some of my best friends (even though my morning sickness back then was still nothing compared to other women).

I do not crave sweets like I did with Ella.

I was not as tired this time around. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't have time to be really tired or I didn't notice it as much. I know that I am less tired the past few weeks than I was before, so I guess I was a little more fatigued the first trimester.

People have said that you begin to "show" sooner your 2nd pregnancy. Well, that's the truth. I have had to wear maternity clothes sooner this time around.

In just a little under 5 weeks we will find out if Ella will have a baby brother or sister!


  1. Sounds like it's a boy to me! Congrats again, you guys!

  2. You weren't that cranky, we just have to keep in mind we have to feed ya :-) Lots of love, Nadine