Saturday, June 11, 2011

20 Months

Not much has changed this month...

~ You LOVE shoes. In fact, you want to wear them all the time. There have been times you will wear your crocs in the bathtub and you beg to wear them at night to bed. It's quite funny. You just don't feel complete unless you have your shoes on!

~ You are very interested in doors these days. You love to shut doors if you see them open. You try to open doors, but you haven't gotten the hang of that...yet.

~ Before we leave the house sometimes you will yell, "bow" because you need your bow to go out in public. You don't yank it out as often anymore.

~ You are more cuddly now more than ever and WE LOVE IT!

~ You have a deep admiration for your daddy. You constantly want to know where he's at. You get so excited when he comes home from work!

We love you to pieces and are enjoying your wonderful personality that God has designed for you.

We went to the lake for the first time (Lake Acworth).

Playing with Uncle David.

Ella and Mommy.

You got a play set for FREE from a teacher I work with.

I love this girl!

Playing with your new water table that Grandma and Gramps bought you.

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