Saturday, May 7, 2011

19 Months

You are busy, busy, busy. You rarely stop moving! We cannot get any cuddles or kisses from you unless you are really tired because you are so active and curious.

You LOVE and I mean LOVE shoes. You enjoy wearing your "church shoes" around the house. I guess because they are shiny...

Mommy painted your toenails for the first time and you loved showing Daddy and Dingo. We were surprised that you noticed they needed "touching up" and waited patiently while Mommy painted them again :)

You are really into "lift-the-flap" books. You got a few new books for Easter like this and love to sit and interact with them. These are the only books that capture your attention long enough to actually finish the book!!!!

You have figured out how to climb on the couch (and mommy and daddy's bed). You are doing a great job realizing the boundaries to the couch and bed so you are careful not to fall off.

Sometimes you will hold still long enough for Mommy to put pigtails in your hair.

Another thing you have mastered is HITTING PEOPLE. Oh, it has been a joy to watch you develop this skill. *This is said with thick sarcasm. * In fact, you received your first behavior card at school. I even had to sign it! It read "Ella was hitting teachers' face repeatedly."

You like balls and are having fun throwing them. You call a lot of round things balls, even when they aren't balls. (Example: You call balloons balls.)

This was also the first Easter you were able to hunt for Easter eggs and you had a BLAST! We went to a lot of egg hunts around Birmingham. At first, you weren't sure where to put your eggs so you would put them in random kids' baskets. Then you realized you were suppose to put them in your OWN basket. By the 3rd hunt, you were a pro! You got very scared of the Easter bunny so we didn't attempt a picture on the bunny's lap.
Scared of the Easter bunny.
Hiding by Daddy because the Easter bunny was approaching.
Putting eggs in a random girl's basket.
Dropping an egg in your basket.
Waiting for the egg hunt to begin.
Having fun finding eggs.
Carter and Parker (twins) watching you carefully.
Easter Sunday celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead and is ALIVE!

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