Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ella turned one month old on November 6th, so I am a little late in posting this. Oh well, better late than never! I want to post interesting and fun facts about her for each month, so here are some fun things to read about her first month "happenings."

- You follow voices with your eyes and focus on peoples’ faces.
- You can move your head from side to side.
- You can hold your head steady when held upright (for a little while).
- People always remark about how strong your head, arms, and legs are.
- You sometimes sleep with your arms stretched above your head.
- You love to have your hands up close to your face…sometimes you suck on them, especially when you are hungry.
- We love watching you smile when you are dreaming.
- You make jerky arm and leg movements that make us laugh.
- You love tummy time on mommy and daddy’s chest.
- You fart A LOT and you aren’t very discreet about it!
- Your umbilical cord fell off on October 24th…you were 18 days old.
- At your two week check-up you weighed 7.14 pounds and were 20 ½ inches long.
- By the end of the month you were eating 3-4 ounces per feeding, which was every 2-3 hours.
- By the end of the month you only wake mommy up one time a night for a feeding!

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