Friday, August 21, 2009

Sick With the Flu

I haven't been feeling well, so I went to the doctor last night and was diagnosed with Type A influenza, which could mean I might have the H1N1 virus. What a bummer...It takes 12 days for the lab to confirm or deny if I have the H1N1 virus, but my doctors are treating me as if I do have it.

I will have to say that I LOVE my doctors! Everyone at the doctor's office were being so diligent in making the right medical decisions and checking the baby. They prescribed me Tamiflu for now and I can take certain over the counter medications for my symptoms. They told me that if my fever every reached past 101 I would have to be admitted to the hospital to be monitored since I am 33 weeks pregnant.

Last night was rough, but my temperature never went past 100.5. Praise God! I have been fever free for about 10 hours, so hopefully that part is over. The flu like symptoms have only increased with LOTS of body aching, head congestion, extreme soar throat, etc.

Please pray for my health and for baby Ella. My doctors have said I need to take a week off of school to rest...which means this will cut into my maternity leave days. I keep telling myself that I don't need to push myself, but I hate using my sick days now!! :)


  1. wow, alisha! sorry to hear you aren't doing well! i think i was right around 33 or 34 weeks when i got a flu and i was convinced i was going to die! it was horrible. my temp hovered around 103 for a few hours but it was the middle of the night so i didn't know who to call!
    i hate that you have to use your maternity leave days- i know that's disappointing for you. i am glad you are obeying your dr though and i hope the extra rest does you and ella well! i can't believe they can't find out for 12 days if it's H1N1!!
    keep us posted on how you are and when you start feeling better!!!!

  2. Oh my. I'm so sorry for you! I will be praying for you and Ella. I also got the flu late in my pregnancy. I hope Vinny is taking special care of you. Hope you are well for Saturday.
    Love ya!