Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Girl's Name

We have finally made a decision on Baby Girl's name. We are still keeping it a secret, but thought we would share her initials with you! When she arrives we will share more about her name and why we chose it.


To make it even more interesting we want all of you to guess the name. If anyone gets it right we will give you a small prize. We don't know what the prize is yet, but we will let you know. If you do not have a "blogger ID" you can still make a guess. Click on the comment section and check the "anonymous" option. When you type your guess make sure you type YOUR NAME too, so we know who it came from.

Happy guessing!


  1. how many guesses do we get? i want to guess ella or emma. do i have to choose one? i actually want to guess eva also. aughghgh this is hard!!!! i know it's going to be beautiful whatever it is :) :)

  2. Oh! Fun! Well since Rachel G. took all of the more obvious "E" names I'll have to get creative. Ha! You probably wouldn't do "Elisha" I guess. Mmmmm....and probably not "Einny". Oh I give up! I'll just wait to hear from you.

  3. Elvira Mortimer!!! I am actually very serious here!! Well, at least I was very serious about thinking of a name that would make you laugh...and I hope you are rolling right now, sister!! :) LOL I have no idea!! I know it will be good though and she will be stunning. Let's hang out soon!!

  4. We've been calling our baby "Baby O" for so long that people have started calling her "Baby Oregano"!

  5. The other night I was thinking about it and I thought of the obvious Emma, Ella, Emily...Then I also thought of Emilia (like Amelia with an E) and Elena. The M is tricky...I'd like to stick with the E. Maybe Elyse? Elena is my fave cause its sounds super with Chiaramonte!
    Bekah Waller