Monday, September 5, 2011

Ella is 23 Months old!

Dear Sweet Ella,

My, oh my, you are soooooooo fun these days. You are constantly making us laugh with all your silly faces and dance moves. You are beginning to talk in sentences and carry on conversations with us. Sometimes we don't always know what you are saying, but you do! You are aware of what people are saying and will repeat words and phrases. At school, you are learning how to count. You will only say 1, 2, and 4. You refuse to say 3...and just smile at us when we try to get you to say it. We have noticed that you are also understanding your colors and will identify some of them when you are playing with your toys.

This month you have taken an interest in imaginary play. You enjoy playing with your dollhouse figurines (but not with the actual dollhouse yet). You have several baby dolls that you enjoy carrying around, feeding, and saying "night-night" to.

You aren't scared of your shadow anymore!!!! Instead, you now greet your shadow when you see it by saying, "Hi shadow" and waving to it.

You have now become opinionated on which bow you wear. If you don't like the one I put in your hair you will take it off and say "other bow." Normally it's one that doesn't match! I'm dreading the day you will want to dress yourself...boy are we going to be in for it. You already choose mismatched shoes, so I can only imagine what quirky outfits will develop.

One of your favorite words is MINE! Then again, isn't that what most toddlers say at this age?! You especially like to say "my seat" and then proceed to steal other peoples' seats on the couch or chair. You think it's hilarious when the person comes back and finds you in their seat. You will just laugh and you tricked them!

We have noticed that you are starting to "show off" when we have company. You will do the silliest things to get the attention of adults...things you never do when it's just mommy and daddy. You love to be RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the action. We can be out in public and you will be everyone's friend by walking up to strangers and saying "hi" and waving to them.

You have taken your singing ability to a whole new level. You will belt out your song VERY LOUD for everyone to hear. Your favorite song these days is "Row, row, row your boat." And you sing it all day long!

You have figured out how to reach things. You just pull over a chair, climb on top of it, and then you can see everything on the counter. This has posed a new challenge for us because you are super sneaky about it. But, it also shows how clever you are!

You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bike rides. We have a seat attached to our bike and you really enjoy riding around the neighborhood.

This month you cut 2 more teeth...your top left cuspid and your bottom left cuspid. We are assuming that your right cuspids will be coming soon!

I can't believe that next month you will be TWO YEARS OLD! It makes us a little sad to think about how fast you are growing.

We love you, Ella!
~Mommy and Daddy

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