Monday, September 6, 2010

ALMOST a year old!

Well, this is Ella's last month before turning the big ONE. Time flies by...I know I say that often, but it really does. This past month has probably been my favorite!

~ You started daycare for the first time and you seem to really like it. All the workers rave about how you are a sweet, good girl who makes them laugh. The main comment I hear when I pick you up is how you entertained them with your MANY facial expressions.
~ You can hold your own bottle, although you don't always choose to.
~ You are still not wanting to try finger foods.
~ You do a better job eating your baby food in public and not as good while at home. You put up more of a fight at home...
~ Now that you are in daycare you will take a bottle anywhere without getting distracted.
~ You LOVE your daddy and get very excited when he comes home from work.
~ You have started being bashful/shy when meeting people for the first time (or if you haven't seen them in awhile). You put your head on our shoulder and hide your face from people.
~ You suck your toes more often this month.
~ A few times we have caught you crawling behind the couch. You start giggling and then pop your head up by the coffee table where I sit. You are very proud of yourself when you did this! But, because of safety, we have had to baracade your "entrance" so you don't get stuck back there.
~ You are walking really good while holding onto things.
~ You cut three more teeth. (Your two top teeth and bottom left.)
~ You got your second ear infection in the same ear as your first infection (the right one). Your pediatrician says you seem to have a slightly smaller ear canal in that ear.
~ You are much more cuddly now and we LOVE it! Maybe that's why this month is my favorite. You will let us hold you longer and you will give hugs and slobbery kisses.
~ You still love Dingo and want to cuddle him by laying next to him or sometimes on top of him.
~ You can crawl fast! Sometimes you will lift one leg up like you are walking while the other leg is crawling. It looks quite interesting and funny!

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