Friday, August 6, 2010

10 Months Old

Today Ella is TEN months old. This month went by very quickly! Here's what Ella has been up to this month:

~You love to play peek-a-boo.
~You still like the same toys, along with Panda Bear that your Aunt Barbara bought you and the musical table we bought you.
~You enjoy climbing all over mommy, daddy, and even Dingo when we are laying on the floor. We are your personal jungle gym!
~You love books and they can entertain you for a little bit longer now.
~You are officially done with the swing. The past several months you would only go in it maybe once a day for a little while after you woke up in the morning, but this month we have put it away.
~You are VERY observant to fine details in everything.
~You started clapping you hands all by yourself.
~You had your first temper tantrum. It was a bit dramatic because you threw you hands over your face and down to the ground. Then looked up at us, gave us a huge pouty lip, and threw yourself down again. It was a bit comical...
~You have begun to torment Dingo and most of the time he could care less about you. We used to have to watch Dingo around you (we still do) but lately we have had to get onto YOU for annoying Dingo. You love him!
~You also love every other type of animal. You squeal in delight when you see a dog. You were introduced to your first pet bird this month and you were very intrigued by it. You wanted to touch it so badly and didn't understand why it had to be in a cage. You definitely didn't get your animal lover feelings from your mommy!! :)
~You took your first trip on the airplane to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You did GREAT on the plane and so many people commented about how wonderful you were. All the family up north doted on you and you were incredible at the wedding.
~At the beginning of the month you were wearing 9-12 month clothing. Now you are mostly wearing 12 month size.
~I don't think I've ever mentioned your gag reflex on the blog, but you have it bad. If you cry for too long you will automatically make yourself throw up, so we can't have you cry yourself to sleep. Also, you are very particular about the texture of food and will not eat anything that is in solid form (othere than Stage 2 baby food). You will gag or throw up. The doctor said you will eventually grow out of it, but that it may be a frustrating process. It seems you will be a picky eater! We are hoping that going to daycare will help because you will watch other kids eating "real" food and want to mimic them.
~You are still not interested in the sippy cup...

End of the month stats (You didn't have your 9 month check-up until 2 days before turning 10 months):
Length: 29 inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds 12 ounces (50th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 and 1/4 inches (35th percentile)

It was so hard trying to keep you still for your 10 month portrait.

Obviously you didn't last too long.

Tormenting Dingo.

Watching Dingo play outside.

Playing with the dishwasher.

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