Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ellabelle turns 5 months!

Our little Ellabelle turned 5 months old yesterday. Her personality is coming out and it has been a joy to watch her develop and learn new things so quickly. Ella has been a blessing and we love her so much! Here are some highlights from this past month:

~ You like to tuck your bottom lip in and suck on it and make clicking noises.
~ You are reaching and grabbing with both hands at everything these days, especially mommy's hair and jewlery.
~ You have found your feet! You like to pull on them and try to bring them towards your face.
~ You have also found your tongue! You like to stick it out and then smile :)
~ You love your bumbo seat and like to sit in it while watching mommy and daddy cook.
~ Everyone comments on your rosy cheeks and blue eyes.
~ Daddy is still the best person to make you laugh REALLY hard.
~ You tried the exasaucer for the first only lasted a few minutes. You might like it better next month.
~ You experienced your first snow on Feb. 12 (it wasn't much, but it still counts!)
~ You had your first stroller ride sitting up in your big girl stroller on Feb 21. We walked around the neighborhood and you would laugh when the wind blew in your face.
~ You were diagnosed with your first ear infection in your right ear on Feb. 24. During this time you woke up every night for an extra feeding. We are trying to get you back on schedule!
~ You also were in your first car accident. You were shopping with mommy and a 16 year old girl backed in to us. Thankfully no one was hurt!

Here are the stats from Ella's 4 month check-up:
Weight: 15 pounds (75th percentile)
Height: 24 and 3/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 inches (50th percentile)

Chillin' in your exasaucer...not really knowing what to think...

Sticking out your tongue for the camera!

You and daddy in the snow

You and mommy in the snow.

Your first stroller ride in a big girl stroller~


  1. She is just precious!! I love that tongue picture!

  2. I loved reading all about Ellabelle and especially getting to see those rosy cheeks, sweet giggle, and blue eyes last Saturday! I love her!

  3. Ella is so cute! I love the picture where she is sticking out her tongue! So precious. Hope you guys are doing well!