Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Need a Break!

I have been back to work for almost 3 weeks and I feel I already need a break. I CANNOT WAIT for my two weeks off for Christmas. I am so excited for Ella's first Christmas...even though she is too little to remember any of it! :) We have so much planned and I am sure that it will fly by. We are leaving for Atlanta next week and will spend half of it with my parents and the other half with Vinny's mom and stepdad. This will be our first time traveling with Ella, so I am trying to prepare myself to "go with the flow." I know there will be TONS to pack and I am sure I will forget something. But, hey, that's what Walmart is for, right? I hope Ella stays on her schedule for the most part and sleeps well too. At least she will be with lots of people who won't mind holding her!! Vinny and I have already decided that next year we aren't going anywhere for the holidays. We will stay here and begin our Christmas traditions together in Birmingham. YOU HEAR THAT GRANDPARENTS!!! Haha! People will have to come to us :) Here is a sweet picture of Ella in one of her Christmas outfits. She is smiling and laughing so much these days!


  1. I totally hear you on the break and staying put for Christmas! I love Ella's Santa dress. She is precious!

  2. LOVE IT!! She is a JOLLY little girl!

  3. Super cute! We do that...stay here for Xmas. It's nice to have our own family time that day. This year we begin a new family tradition too, so I'm excited about that!