Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meaning Behind The Name

Vinny and I quickly learned that naming our child was not as easy as we thought and it took a long time to find a name we BOTH liked. We were looking for a first name that was either one or two syllables since our last name is a mouthful. (I feel bad that she has to learn how to spell Chiaramonte!) We both loved the name Ella and began to search the meaning of the name. Depending on what orgin you look at, Ella means "young girl" "beautiful woman" "torch; bright light." From the very beginning of my pregnancy we knew that Michelle would be her middle name for two reasons: it is my middle name and it is also the female version of Vinny's dad's name, Michael. The name Michelle means "who is like God." Our desire is that Ella will become a "beautiful girl who is like God" and "a bright light who is like God." We want her to know the meaning of her name at a young age and to help guide and direct her towards our Creator.

So, that is the meaning behind her name!!

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